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Ban an element? That can be found naturally in the wild? I would also like to point out their clever manipulation of words:

millions of animals are dying
That's a nice, unprovable, statistic. How can we prove animals are dying from lead poisoning without finding them, capturing them, and then running tests on them (something I'm sure these environmentalists would be all for ). Also what is millions? Is it 2 million, 10 million, 999 million, 1 billion (that's a thousand millions!)? And is this "millions" per day, per year, per decade, per eon?

So then you read further and find a number. It's 10 million to 20 million. That's a pretty huge goalpost. I'd really like to see how they find stuff like this out.

Some animals die a painful death
A lot of animals are incapable of feeling pain. That is, they don't have the neural pathways necessary to experience pain.

With all of the other environmental disasters going on (and there are some massive ones), you have to ask yourself what their real agenda is if they are wasting precious funding on lead poisoning from bullets.
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