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A couple of elderly .22s

I inherited these little guns from my grandfather many years ago. They've been in a shadowbox hanging on the wall of my "man cave" for a long time. I am interested in learning a little about them and aproximate value for insurance purposes.
The First is a Colt revolver in .22 short. It has what appear to be ivory grips and to my knowledge is completely original and functional. The steel parts are blued with its these parts retaining perhaps 75% of original deep blue. A serial # is stamped on the bottom of the butt: 1245.

The second is a C. Sharps 4 barrel pistol with what appear to be figured gutta Percha grips. Little finish remains. Pistol is fully functional. A serial # is stamped on its butt also: 28671 (or 28G71).
I am aware of the Christian Sharps rifles and to a lesser extent their little pistols.

TIA for any information about these firearms

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