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You can shoot USPSA like you've been trained (except you won't "win"; BFD).
I think you hit on it for a LE officer wanting to improve his abilities. Shoot what you carry. But I believe you will WIN. Not the match, but you win the chance to better protect yourself on the job.

Same with ICORE if you use a service revolver on the job. Why shoot with a Model 625 comp gun with full moon clips when you have to carry a Model 28 with Speed loaders as a service revolver.

I'm long retired, but for old time sake I shoot ICORE with a Model 64 and the duty gear I carried when I was on the job. (Except I had to get a longer belt, seems my wife washed my duty belt in hot water and it dosn't fit any more).

If I was still a working cop, I wouldn't shoot any pistol matches unless I was shooting my service revolver/pistol.
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