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Practice/Remedial Day At The Range Today

I attended my agency's practice/remedial day at the range today. I will be shooting at these whenever I can attend in the future - more shooting is always a plus as I see it. Only been to 2 so far since I got back from Phoenix in April, don't think they had them before I left for AZ back in December, maybe they did and I do not remember (muddled middle age memory syndrome).

Today I shot the best I have shot from the 25 yard line in some time. Granted most of it was slow, untimed shooting, but even when timed for a qualification type course, I did pretty good. Shooting the ICE-QT (qualification target), I shot three times from 25 yards getting every shot (18 shots in two volleys and 12 in another), except 1 shot out of each volley, into the center ring which is 3 3/8" wide but 4 3/8" high. I do not know the actual group size, I would say without the 1 flyer in each of the 3 groups, that they probably averaged about 3.75 to 4 inches. That was standing, unsupported, fairly slow fire. I know, a lot of people can do better, but it was more than good enough for me. I probably usually shoot 5 to 6" groups, or a bit larger, at that distance but have been practicing more lately and I guess I have improved some. When I shot the same target in a practice qualification, with turning targets and timed fire, I shot a 246 out of 250. I was shoot a SIG 229 DAK.

It was a warm, humid day at the range but was fun nonetheless. Sure beats being in the office.

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