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Another Lincoln line

I've been reading Dr. John Sotos' book, The Physical Lincoln. Sotos' is a cardiologist trained at John Hopkins. His book raises the issue that Lincoln's misshapen body was not attributable to Marfan but to a rare form of cancer, MEN2B. The first chapters discusses the case for Marfan and why Lincoln didn't have Marfan. Other chapters examines each of Lincoln's physical attributes through eyewitness accounts, photographs, casts of Lincoln's hands, several life masks and his death mask.

Let's not get into a discussion whether Lincoln was the debbil incarnate or a sainted martyr. He's the dude on the penny and the five dollar bill. Good enough?

Well, here's something Lincoln said that Dr. Sotos quoted (on page 263):

"If a white man wants to marry a negro woman, let him do it - if the negro woman can stand it."
Many states at the time had laws against miscegenation (mixed race marriages). These have long since been swept from our (law) books and into history's overflowing files of forgotten and unjust laws.
Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt. Molon Labe!
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