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Video: Shooting my Sandusky Silent Destroyer.

I went out shooting yesterday and took some video of myself shooting my Sandusky Silent Destroyer. Slapped the video together at home and put it up for your viewing pleasure.

Youtube: Having fun with my Ruger 77/44 Silent Destroyer Click to watch video.

Sandusky Comic Homepage This is my favorite online comic, very good artwork and very good writing. Check it out. John was kind enough to draw me some line art to put over the protective cover I made for the suppressor tube. Sandusky is the character on the right and Bunker is the character on the left who is about to get his nap ruined. I get as many questions about the artwork as I do the gun

Rounds are a Lee cast 214 grain SWC bullet over a charge of Winchester 231 powder driven at about 950 FPS. The first shot on my chronograph is a test shot from my 22/45 pistol to ensure that the Chronograph was working. If you look close you can catch a glimpse of the bullet passing over the chronograph.

I forgot to bring my shooting rest and the benches at the range are kinda crappy and don't allow a stable shooting position so I kept the target at 50 yards. Even with this rather wobbly shooting position I was able to consistently perform rapid fire onto the target. Given a good rest and slow-fire I can hit that same target consistently at 200 yards depending on wind conditions. With the subsonic velocity the trajectory is like a rainbow, shooting long range in the wind a challenge that I enjoy.

With my handloaded subsonic ammunition, this gun is incredibly quiet. Ear protection is completely unnecessary. Camera microphones do an incredibly poor job of recording suppressor performance, but I still hope you get a reasonable appreciation of the performance of this suppressor. Especially with the downrange clips showing the impact being clearly louder than that of the shot itself.

On the second clip with the camera downrange, when the target gets knocked over, I take the fourth shot into the Mountain Dew box on the post. The "Thump" you hear is the bullet punching a neat 44 caliber hole in the cardboard, a function of the SWC bullet.

50 yards downrange the shot is virtually inaudible as is the sound of me cycling the action. The camera only picks it up because of the lack of other background noise.

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