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My mother has the genuine article under her mattress.

I am a gun enthusiast and daughter of a US Air Force brat. She inherited her father's Colt .25 stamped "United States Property". He was a colonel in the USAF and a test pilot during WWII. Prior to his USAF career he was in the OSS stationed in Burma. I believe this gun to be the real deal, considering his demeanor as a colonel and a Serbian at that. I know that the California Gun Code states that you do not have to register a gun if it is inherited from a parent or grandparent but where does this fall under that law? Belonging to the US government do we have to give it back? I want to clean it up and shoot it since I haven't been able to buy my own gun yet. Also, what is the blue book value on one of these babies, great condition, hardly ever used, missing magazine but has original leather holster.
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