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Starting a BP Collection

Fed EX, UPS and USPS have made a few trips to my door the last couple of weeks. I do believe at this point I have most of the stuff I need to get started. Ball pullers, nipple wrenches, patch worm, lead balls, percussion caps, wads, Bore Butter, Ballistol (Spray and Liquid), cleaning kits, a set of Brownells Magni Tip screw drivers, basically all the previously listed stuff, plus a few additions. Both in .36 and .44 Caliber. I'm going to get a Piano Fishing Tackle box, with slotted trays, on both sides to carry/organize all this stuff in. A smaller size will also serve as a Range Box. I've done that for years with my cartridge weapons and it works.

In addition to the Uberti 1851 Colt Navy, I acquired a Uberti 1847 Colt Walker and of course a Mendi "Dueling" Muzzle Loading, Spanish Pistol, in .36 Cal. The Spanish Lady ought to be a hoot to shoot.

Next week I have to make it to a Membership Meeting for a local Outdoor range club and get a membership. Then I'm hauling the ladies out to range and going to burn some black powder. The vacation money has been well spent and I'm holding off on any new purchases, unless of course I run into a Cunningham or a good deal on a Remington.

Thanks for all the information.
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