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Might be your area has a local "trading post" type paper. The one here in the Lehigh Valley (eastern PA) is free, and the classified ads are free, too. Rather than go on Ebay, I thought I'd try the paper first. I sold five single-shot shotguns through our paper, priced right (needed money, not a dealer). The first day the paper was out, I had three calls, and the first took all of them, face-to-face. No cash outlay, no hassles, no wait. The only other thing I had to do was call the 2nd and 3rd (and a couple of later) buyers back and tell them the guns were sold.
Your stuff should sell quickly in a similar venue if you price it right.
Sometimes we forget there are other ways than the internet to sell our stuff.
I think of my gun as a tool for converting worthless human garbage into valuable fertilizer.
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