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I would break it into bite sized lots and sell it on eBay

The size of the eBay buying market for black powder items is large enough to include many who don't bother to check prices. They just bid until they win. Consequently, the stuff will likely fetch a higher price on eBay than trying to sell it local, or moving it on Gunbroker.

Make sure to check the cost for shipping. Flat rate boxes are good for lead bullets. They are small and even though they are heavy, they do not exceed the 70 pound max.

I didn't see anything in the photo that is not sellable within eBay guidelines.

I do understand that you have to be willing to pinch your nose as you access eBay but I think this would be your best bet.

If you don't know the value of something, you can get a good idea from eBay. The CVA 1400 flask generally goes new for between 14.00 and 17.00. Used ones on ebay fetch 10.00 to 13.00 with five bucks in prioirty shipping. eBay used to be good for the buyer but there are too many idiots for that to be true much any more.

Pahoo has a good point, that you could take the time to check individual values on the sites for the companies that originally sold the merchandise. Trouble is, these items almost have to be considered used and you may not know what the item is worth when it is used. If you sell it on eBay the buyers will tell you what it is worth with their bids. I would start an auction off with a start price that is about one third of the new prices for the items in the lot as long as you are happy getting one third of new prices. (Always a chance no one is interested. Not likely but it happens.)

Just a casual scan of the lot looks like it is worth about 400 bucks give or take.

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