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alright lets start listing the bullets and end with the powder measures. do not make offers here just a basic value. If I sell online I will post them on this site at a better price than I will let them go for on GB.

Buffalo Bullet Company:

150rnds of 200 grain .45 caliber round nose hollow base $9.99
100rnds or 190 grain .45 caliber round nose pistol Bullets $12.99
20rnds of 235 grain .45 caliber hollow point & hollow Base bullets $7.99
80rnds of 285 grain .45 caliber Hollow point & hollow Base bullets $7.99
50rnds of 245 grain .50 caliber round nose, Hollow base bullets $9.99

Hornandy Bullet Company:

120rnds of Hornandy #6625 410 GR. HB-SP, .50 Caliber $8.99
20rnds of Hornandy 6620 .385 GR. HB-HP .50 Caliber $8.99
20rnds of Hornandy #6610 285 GR. HB-HP .45 Caliber $7.99

Speer Bullet Company:

200rnds of Speer .490 round ball bullets $8.99
200rnds of Speer .440 round ball Bullets $6,99
100rnds of Speer .454 round ball Bullets $7.99
300rnds of Speer ,433 round ball Bullets $6.49
200rnds of Speer .451 round ball bullets $7.99

Thompson/Center Arms

20rnds of .36 caliber 128 grain maxi-ball bullets $5.00


Knight Shooting Accessories

3X : #11 1/4-28, Red stainless #900013 $5.99
4X+1X opened: #11,-.75mm, Red stainless #900015 $5.99
5X: 6-1 mm, Red Stainless $5.99

Tompson/Center firearms

1x: #7230 for use with #11 CAPS $2.95

EDIT: found more Nipples

Uncle Mikes

4X: #2843-0 Pistol hot-shot nipple $3.25


CVA/ Connecticut Vally Arms:

3X: Model # AC1409 Revolver Powder Measure $9.99

1X unopened and 1X opened: CVA Model # AC1409 Cylinder Flask $16.99

Thompson/Center Arms (T/CA)

2x T/CA Hunter's Powder Measure Model NO. 7048 $15.99

4X: T/CA Rifle Powder Measure Model NO. 7040 $12.99

4X: T/CA Magnum Powder Measure Model NO. 7120 $13.99

R.M.C/Rightnour Mfg. Co. Inc.

1X: R.M.C ECLOADER For .50 Caliber. 23.99


Thompson/Center Arms

2X: T/CA U-view 209 Primer Inline Capper Model NO.7219 $12.99

1X: T/CA In-line Capper NO.7025 $12.99


2x : RMC Straitline Capper Model NO. ML102 $9.99

Decappers and nipple removers.

White Shooting System:

1X QuickWrench Nipple/Breechplug Wrench 14.99

Thompson/Center Arms Co.

2X T/CA Decapper and Nipple pick No.7078 $10.99

6x T/CA Universal Nipple wrench No.7064 $7.99

CVA/Connecticut Vally Arms, Inc.

CVA Decapper Takedown tool No. AC1416 $5.99

Bore Cleaners

Kleen Bore Company

6x Kleen Bore Brass Cleaning JAG 44-45 cal. Model No. JAG-231 $4.99


2x T/CA Ball,Bullet and Wad Puller No.9014 $5.99

1x T/CA Patchpuller Worm No.9010 $5.99

1x T/CA Flintlock touch hole Bushings No. 7327 $5.99

1x Knight Bullet Aligner $5.99

2X Butler Creek Gunpowder Pour spout $4.99

1x bag of Hornandy .45 Caliber Sabots $6.99

7x Bags of CVA slick Load Patches AC1439 .50 caliber $5.99

3x Uncle Mikes barrel flusher kits #2910-0 $4.99

I have updated with the price on the boxes. I think 15%-30% off of the list price seems okay. what do yall think, should I go lower or does that seem fair

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