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Would it be possible for you to explain why?
Waiting on madcratebuilder to respond to this but have to agree with him. Note that he didn't say there wasn't any value, only that it might not be worth messing with. Here is why I agree, in part; Depending on what the propellant is, it might not have a good shelf life. I have had new replacement propellant go bad. Even though I personally do not care for BP, it lasts a long time when comapred to my other "stuff". I have found that the 209s have a good shelf life or good enough to ignite my in-lines. However, I pretty much stick to #11's or Muskets. Another point is shipping hazzards and cost associated with that adventure. However, you could sell the propellant locally and give someone a good deal or you could even donate it and deduct from your taxes. If you sell it to the wrong person, it might cause you problems, you did not expect.

Now for the other accessories, definitely worth your time to post them on here and let your buddies have first crack at them. Don't know if you have noticed, but there are a lot of new guys coming in here, looking for this "stuff". Definitely worth your time and you'll get your money back and some. ...

Be Safe !!!
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