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Funny how perceptions differ. I find the SR9 trigger to feel stiff and creepy, while the one on the M&P has a definite, clean break.
The trigger on the SR9c is significantly modified compared to what came out on the full-size SR9 before and after the recall. Only recently has Ruger started putting the enhanced SR9c trigger system in the full-size pistol. The 'old' SR9 trigger did suck, although no worse than the gritty feel of the M&P.

I am pretty much settled on the Ruger. The only differences I see are cost and that I prefer its trigger. $150 difference isn't a determining factor until you get down to them being so similar and one is 20% less than the other. Only problem is, now that I've got it down to these two, no one has an SR9c in stock, much less one up for rental.

So it goes. I can be patient.
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