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Figure of speech, I presume...
Don't presume, I usually say what I mean and don't mince words, and I don't have to defend myself to anyone but me. HOWEVER...

OK, I edited it so all you PC-types won't get your panties in a bunch. In this fantasy scene, I will shoot and continue to shoot until I'm SURE he can no longer harm my wife, family, or me. This is my wife and family. Compared to that nothing, and I DO mean NOTHING else matters. If I thought less, then she married the wrong guy. We shoot to stop...fine, but dead is a SURE stop. Let's at least be honest with ourselves and not hypocritical. One of you stand up and state, in public, that you'd do less for your family...

I don't have a blood lust, all you psychologists out there, just a survival lust.
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