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Experience with Drop & Offset Holster?

I have a S&W 629 Mountain Gun that I’ll be carrying while I hike and bowhunt in bear/lion country. I’ve been having a hard time finding the kind of holster I want. My key requirement is that I can wear it while wearing a hip pack or full sized backpack (you know, with the hip pads) and that it is not attached to the pack so that even if I dump the pack, my gun is still with me. I don’t want to wear it on the chest.

So one thing suggested to me that does look very promising is the Drop & Offset Holster from Blade-Tech. I see from their web site that it is adjustable, but I’m not sure if it will be Dropped & Offset enough to still wear a hip pack. It might, but not sure.

On the other end, a tactical holster that rides really low on the belt, but not quite a thigh holster. I’m looking at the Eagle Mark 3. It’s still looks like the majority of the weight will be on the hip, but drops just low enough to have a single thigh strap. However, this Eagle model doesn’t seem to come in a S&W 629 flavor.

So I want to know if anybody has experience with the Blade-Tech holster… can you see yourself wearing it with a hip pack? Any other manufacturers of Drop & Offset holsters out there? Any custom makers that might be able to cook something up for me? What about those Eagle Mark 3-type holsters for revolvers?

Thanks for taking the time!
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