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Another Update

The third and final prong against California's AB936 (the ammunition "ban") was filed today by Onwer-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Erick Royce, Brandon Elias, Folsom Shooting Club, Inc., the CalGuns Foundation, Inc. (all represented by Jason Davis), and the National Rifle Association (Represented by C.D. (Chuck) Michel), against Steve Lindley; The State of California; The California Department of Justice and Does 1-10.

The Complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, Sacramento Division.

The case is titled: OOIDA v. Lindley. You may read the 15 page complaint here. The complaint alleges that AB962 unlawfully interferes with interstate commerce and is pre-empted by Federal laws regulating interstate commerce. Lawsuit seeks to block enforcement of the law. A preliminary injunction request is said to be filed, shortly.

In other news, the Peruta case is scheduled for a mandatory settlement conference on August 11th.
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