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As others have said, the gun and ammo is of little importance.

Read the IPSC rules and you will understand that a "stock" gun belongs in production division, with minor power factor ammo (which is what most commercial 9mm ammo comes out at). Minor power factor ammo IS soft.

Major power factor ammo, is actually just slightly softer than factory .40 or .45. I actually used a case of factory .40S&W ammo instead of my reloads when it was given to me, and you know what? I actually placed right where I normally do.

If you want to compete in Open division, get a race gun so you will be competitive. There are other divisions, standard and modified, which I won't go in to.

If you're not impressed by guys like Eric Grauffel, Julien Bolt, or Max Michel Jr, who use "race guns" and "modified ammo." Then you're looking in the wrong place.
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