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--what is the best time of day for yotes?
Just before sunup and just before sundown. I prefer early morning.
--what is the best area of the body to shoot them (223)? I'm assuming behind the shoulder but I'll still ask
Broadside chest shots are good for just about anything. This time of year you are definitely not pelt hunting, so it really doesn't matter.
--what is the best way to stalk/lure yotes? I was planning on walking around, laying down and using my mouth call for 30 minutes, walking for 10, etc..
Move into position and sit very still and quiet. When you hear animals moving around again, blow your wounded cottontail call for about 15 seconds, then shut up and watch.
--how should I use the mouth call? short spurts less frequently, more frequently, r constantly till they come??
Call once for 15 seconds, then just sit still for 30-45 minutes, keeping your eyes open for movement.
--If I snagged a rabbit.. would it serve as a good lure even if dead?
A dead rabbit would lure them in once it starts smelling, but a wounded rabbit is what you are trying to sound like, and they move around.
--Can I expect to see many this time of year (WI)?
Don't know, never hunted Wisconsin. If you are not seeing them around, why are you going hunting?
--What terrain should I look for? open fields, bushes, dense forest, etc..
Edge areas always work best for me.
--Should I use some sort of cover scent so I don't repel them or is that unnecessary?
Cover scent is not needed if you are set up properly. Always set up facing into the wind with some structure at your back.
--Will my bright orange hat scare them away or will they be oblivious to it?
Coyotes are like any other dog, they see in shades of grey. Movement is more of an alarm than hunter orange.
--I read they typically travel in small packs.. That said, will they scatter after the first shot or will my buddy get a chance to shoot one too? Will they return after shots are fired if we sound the call again or do we have to resume te stalk?
During the winter months, coyotes gather into packs, during spring and early summer they are pretty solitary because they are raising their young. And once you shoot, you will see why I think the roadrunner never would have gotten away.
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