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but when your starting out, your competeing against guys with their pimped out pistols, so your never gonna win.
When you're just starting out, you're not gonna win anyway, so just go, be safe, learn what you can, and enjoy yourself. The guys you'll be shooting with will mostly be local shooters as well, so eventually, despite their tricked-out guns you ought be able to beat them with your stock if you want (read: if you practice).

I shot a big rimfire steel match this weekend. In fact, it was my first rimfire steel match ever. For the pistol portion, I a stock 10-shot iron-sighted double action .22LR revolver in Limited, and beat about three quarters of the tricked-out Open guys. (unfortunately, my rifle skills are badly wanting, so I tanked on the rifle portion, and only my ego took a beating. ).

At any rate, most forms of competition classify and the guns and shooters' ability into different divisions and classes, so you're shooting against similarly-equipped guns and shooters of similar experience.

I'm not chewing sour grapes either,,,
I just want to see some shoots designed for ordinary folk.
just wish there was like a beginners or amature level, when you had a chance to compete against your own level of experience.
As mentioned, USPSA Production and IDPA (and rimfire steel) come to mind. IDPA was specifically set up so as not to be an equipment race. You can shoot a local match as an unclassified novice. Likely several times. Once you classify, you're only competing against those in your class and division.

Everyone had to start, so don't sweat the equipment (yours or theirs), get out there, be safe, learn, practice and have fun.
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