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Originally Posted by WildtoughonehuhAlaska
Scenario: Bad guy has your wife with a knife at her throat and tells you he will slit it if you dont fire into the crowd of schoolchildren. You have no shot at attacker.
The wife gets a say in this, too. If she wants you to fire at the schoolchildren, you probably married the wrong person.

Each of these scenarios stipulates that you are faced with a choice of which "innocent" life to protect, that of a family member or a stranger. But, Wild, your responses to the initial scenario ignore the phrase "or a loved one." If you're not only defending yourself, but another (presumably defenseless) person, then:
Originally Posted by shafter
An innocent WILL die if I hold my fire.

An innocent MIGHT die if I shoot.

The choice seems rather obvious
Just so. But this is a completely different calculus from the choice to shoot and risk killing an innocent in order to save oneself alone. If that's the choice, then you're quite right:
The alternate question could have been phrased: "are you willing to commit homicide to save yourself?"
No, absolutely not. What gives me the right to decide that my life is more valuable than that of a stranger who is, ummm...
from Rule Four
...behind the target along the trajectory of the bullet.
Speaking of "religious texts" that one might interpret to mean "Don't shoot"...
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