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IT's been 30+ years since I had the time to go out specifically hunting for coyotes. I still shoot at quite a few of them (and hit one every now and then), but nowdays it's a matter of shooting whenever the opportunity arises as I'm bouncing across the mountain or plains. I typically get a shot or two as I fall out the door of the pickup. And all my coyote hunting has been done in WY, UT, and TX so it might be different in WI.

But anyways, I'll take a stab at a few questions.

Best time of day is usually like all hunting, first part of the morning and late in the afternoon/evening. Serious callers typically go out all night long.

Yeah, a body shot is the best bet.

Like I said, I typically just run across them in a truck or on horseback at random but that's not exactly a strategy. Serious callers usually stay hunkered down in one spot for a long time, maybe a couple hours. Coyotes can sometimes come to the call quickly but a lot of times they are pretty wary and want to scope it out before they present themselves. It takes a lot of patience. Getting up and walking around can scare one off that's been waiting for al long time.

I used to use the call for a spurt of maybe 45 seconds, then sit and wait for 10 minutes or so. But I wasn't very good at calling them even back then. I have a couple friends who are serious about it and they use the electronic calls to great effect.

You would think a dead rabbit would work as a lure, but it never did any good for me.

Usually folks hunt coyotes in Dec, Jan, Feb mainly because their pelts are prime then. And for some reason, I do tend to see more of them out and about in the winter. But really, they all have to be somewhere in the summer too. Not like they migrate out of there.

I do better hunting at the edge of an open area. Coyotes have great noses. If you are in dense cover they will probaably smell you before you ever see them.

Don't know about the cover scent. I haven't heard of folks using that, but they might.

Well, the orange cap won't help any. I think I would do without it if that is legal there.

Yeah, I hear stories about coyote packs, but I usually see them just one at a time. Once in awhile I will spot 2 together. You hear them howling at each other at night but they are far apart. I suppose if one of them gets onto some good hunting then others will come as well, but I don't think they roam around in packs typically.

And yes, when you take a shot the coyote will head out of there very quickly and he won't be back that day for sure. They aren't stupid.
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