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I'd say the lack of response is due to most guy's at work.

Gotta earn that paycheck for those hunting trips
Be patient, I'm sure you'll get a few response's this evening. Meanwhile, do a search on this hunting forum as i know some of those questions have been discussed.

I'm not much of a yote hunter myself. Just started. I can say the first few hours of daylight have been very good to me so far.

I camo out completely as most my shots have been less than 100yds. due to hilly terrain.

As far as calls go, I've been using an electronic 'rabbit in distress' call that belongs to a buddy of mine. Don't have exp. with other calls.

I've been using my 50 cal. Encore b/p rifle, hitting them behind shoulder. Bit of overkill but I shoot b/p whenever I can.

If your hunting with a buddy, may be a good idea if one of you carry a 12ga. shotgun for the yotes that come in close.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I'm sure the real yote hunters will answer you soon.
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