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Coyote Hunting Info/Tips

For the varminters out there: I am embarking on my first coyote hunt this weekend in WI and would really appreciate any info or tips you can give me pertaining to this.

For instance:
--what is the best time of day for yotes?
--what is the best area of the body to shoot them (223)? I'm assuming behind the shoulder but I'll still ask
--what is the best way to stalk/lure yotes? I was planning on walking around, laying down and using my mouth call for 30 minutes, walking for 10, etc..
--how should I use the mouth call? short spurts less frequently, more frequently, r constantly till they come??
--If I snagged a rabbit.. would it serve as a good lure even if dead?
--Can I expect to see many this time of year (WI)?
--What terrain should I look for? open fields, bushes, dense forest, etc..
--Should I use some sort of cover scent so I don't repel them or is that unnecessary?
--Will my bright orange hat scare them away or will they be oblivious to it?
--I read they typically travel in small packs.. That said, will they scatter after the first shot or will my buddy get a chance to shoot one too? Will they return after shots are fired if we sound the call again or do we have to resume te stalk?

thanks a lot, fellas!
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