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Gunguy- Do yourself a favor and enter a match. You'll be blown away how good some of the shooters are, even with stock guns. People have put years of effort into improvong thier skills, and it shows.

I shot in a local league for five years, and probably peaked at about year four. I had a bit of PPC style shooting under my belt, and was lucky/unlucky enough to win the fifth match I entered...that was a setback. I didn't win another match for over a year, and my performance was all over the map chasing a one-in-a-million performance. At this time I was also smithing full time and had a 1911 in my had 20 times a day, and was coached by a guy who had placed at the Steel Challence back in the day. I did fine in my three little leagues, but as soon as I hit the matches with the more experienced shooters, or when we had a guest who was from the Richmond Hotshots, or other more advanced leagues, reality struck.

These guys are amazingly fast and accurate, factory ammo or not, comp gun or not. Shoot your first match and report back.
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