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Hmmm... let's compare....

I would have more respect for a guy that can walk out and shoot the lights out with a stock gun and factory ammo. Cause thats what is available to most people.

So, if you go to a hot rod race. Do you expect to see an average souped up stock car? No - you see special expensive cars to go as fast as possible.

For the serious shooters (competitors) - all the advantage one can do within the rules.

Don't worry....
You can also compete in their new division especially designed for stock pistols. Or you can also try out IDPA

I suspect your "performance" was lacking a bit. You can't compare a new shooter to someone that has a master's rating or higher. You have to score yourself with other level shooters - otherwise you're just going to frustrate yourself.

Go practice and learn the basics to improve your score. Improve your holster draw time, smoother magazine changes and rapid fire while moving skills.

Your new - go and get the practice in and learn from the pros. See what division will work for you.
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