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Thanks for the response!

I spent some time googling and reading articles... mostly by birdwatchers.

When I noticed that spotting scopes are popular with "birders", I was very happy.

I thought that spotting scopes were specifically designed for looking at targets and, for some reason, were not designed for any other task. Then, I come to find that they are excellent tools for things other than just zeroing the rifle!

Very cool.

After reading some reviews, I ended up paying nearly $300 for a Bushnell Spacemaster 20-40x zoom. The reviews do a good job of describing the compromises.

Basically, this Bushnell is close or at the bottom of what a birder finds to be acceptable.

A birder, apparently, doesn't even start to smile until the you get to the $800 range of scopes...and even then... the act like they are getting off cheap. $1,500 is "middle ground" for most of them.

This Bushnell can resolve tiny holes at 200 and 300 yards, so that will work... and it should be very cool to use for other things, too.

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