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I just picked up a couple of LED gun lights, a 240 Lumen Compact Tactical Pistol Light Quick Release and it is for one of my Sigs (either 220 or 226) and you do not want that thing shining on ya, it is not pleasant in the day. Another is CREE Q5 270 lumens max high power LED for my 18 1/2" 12 gauge. And just for fun a 2-MODE 300L Q4 CREE LED FLASHLIGHT LAMP (for a little over $10).
I went into the living room for 5 minutes and then walked into the bedroom and had my wife turn on the Compact light just for a second, and let me tell ya, I could not see anything except light spots for quite a while. This would have done two things, allowed me to fire (and I already know my room layout quite well and where someone would be) and as a bad guy it would have been almost impossible for me to have reacted in a threat manner, except to "pull" the hell out of my trigger at that moment no matter where I was pointing! And I have been in a jungle during rock and roll moments. Showed me that they can be an aid, but the real solution, no.

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