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Originally Posted by Jiml
Anybody out there have any blindingly brilliant 60 or 100 lumen lights?
One of my latest upgrades is my Surefire G2 upgraded to a Cree R5 LED with about 240 lumen's. My favorite light for throw (long distance spot) is my Streamlight Ultra Stinger upgraded to a TerraLux LED that gives 300 lumen's.

Here is the deal. The flashlight world was pretty stable for many years, now with the advent of the really bright LED's things have changed. It's hard to keep up with the new lights coming out. One thing is clear, incandescent bulbs in the ranges up to 500 lumen's are about dead. Consider this, the old standby Mag 3D incan light is about 40 lumens, now you can easily get 200 lumen lights that will fit in the palm of your hand.

Now the latest is that you can get high lumen lights that use AAA, AA, or C cells instead of CR123.

Will 200 lumens or so blind the BG? I don't know, but if it's dark, then it will put up a wall of light that he has a hard time seeing through. And that could be a critical advantage.

Added: If you want the wow range, then consider some of the new HID (high intensity discharge) lights. Now you are talking hand held with several thousand lumens. Did I mention they cost a lot.

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