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spotting scope or monocular? double duty?

The reason I ask is this:

I don't like accumulating too much stuff... and I'm not a big time firearms hobbiest... so I'm drying to get double-duty out of any stuff needed for a basic firearms setup.

At the range yesterday... trying to zero my new AR-15 at 100 yards.... I could not see the target with the range's provided scopes. They were foggy and just could not resolve the distant target holes.

I'm not sure what distinguishes a monocular from a spotting scope, but I'm wondering if I can get something that will serve both purposes nicely.

I'd probably use the thing as a monocular (looking at critters... far away) much more frequently than as a spotting scope. I think that is a safe bet for sure.

Well, that's the idea anway.

Are there any problems with getting a good monocular to serve as a spotting scope?

I have noticed that spotting scopes have that "hump"...and they usually come with a tripod. Not sure what the "hump" is all about, but I'll probably use my camera tripod.

..and if a monocular is a fine idea, what do you recommend?

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