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No answered tickets this weekend, no check, no calls. I'm not going to bother posting my ticket number at CalGuns any longer. It just gets deleted and my PMs to GPal staff are apparently ignored.

I've noticed that several brand-new users have popped into the GPal vendor section at CalGuns to "enlighten" those of us who are owed money about the inner-workings of the anti-gun banking system and assure us that we're "lucky" to have people like Ben fighting for our money. Ya, I feel real lucky alright. I hope Kestryl (or whatever the owner's name is at CalGuns) will scrutinize these accounts as thoroughly as he has with all the new posters looking for their money or at least a status update. The talking points and cadence of these pro-GPal posters seem strangely familiar to me.

Ben, if it was impossible to provide this service you probably should have figured that out prior to opening shop. Most importantly, you should stop taking people's money until this is fixed or at the very least until your business is able to communicate effectively.

One thing about the whole GPal, evil anti-2a banks story that does stick out a bit is that GPal has absolutely no problem receiving people's money. I could add $10,000 to my GPal account right now if I wanted. If their banking partners are holding up their ACH transfers or have frozen their accounts why is it that I'm still able to add money to my account? Usually when banks freeze accounts or processors terminate service its a two-way street; nothing in, nothing out. For some crazy reason that doesn't appear to be the case here.

Mal H, you'll be relieved to hear that I'm done posting here for awhile. I've officially written off my $1,100. If I get my money or if anything completely crazy happens I will update this thread.

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