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Marlin 882 - Firing pin problem

A friend of mine recently bought a used Marlin 882, bolt action .22 WMR. He's experienced a series of misfires that appear to be from a light firing pin strike.

Through a little experimentation, we noticed something strange. If he closes the bolt easily, it misfires almost every time. But if he slams the bolt down, it fires every time .

The firing pin appears free-floating and the assembly is cocked the same as most bolt actions, by a cam that pulls back and locks the mainspring upon lowering the bolt handle (forgive my blundering through the description here guys; it's obvious I'm not a gunsmith ). The mainspring seems strong and the firing pin channel is clean and well oiled.

Any ideas?

(By the way, we checked Marliln's website and neither the owner's manual nor an exploded view is available.)
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