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I wish flashlight makers like Surefire would quit advertising their lights as weapons. They aren't light sabers or lasers, just lights.

The whole notion of lumens seems to be a bit screwy in terms of how many equals what seen brightness. I have a 230 lumen LED light that is only slighty brighter than a 100 lumen LED light, but it has a greater throw. It is considerably brighter than my 120 lumen xenon light, however (all tested with fresh batteries)

By the same claims, I have a little 50 cent keychain LED light that runs on a coin battery that will blind you at interview distance. I have a $2 laser that will do real eye damage at 100 yards.

So you can "blind" somebody with your flashlight. What does that mean? Not a whole lot as near as I can tell. On some, it may slow them down if they are not determined. Those that are determined will go for the light since the light is attached to you, either shooting toward the light or attacking toward the light. Being "blinded" by the light is not the same thing as being incapacitated, but reading the advertisements and claims by some of the manufacturers, you would think that their little 1-3 celled CR123 battery lights worked well enough to replace tasers.

Based on my experience, a realy bright flashlight doesn't stop a charging dog. It may mess up his aim a bit, but that gets corrected once he runs into you.

Yep, in the old days, the P60 xenon lamp module (60 lumens) was the bees' knees in self defense and Surefire was the go-to brand. Now lights regularly report being 150 lumens or more and are made by numerous manufacturers and are of very good quality for much less cost. Now that they have gone to circuit regulated power and LED lights, the amount of light remains uniform longer, generates less heat, and often runs for a longer period of time with the bulbs not burning out...not before most of us have otherwise lost or damaged our lights.
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