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Tactical lights

When I see advertisements saying this flashlight has brilliant 100 lumen power I shake my head and move on.

But I sit up and my jaw drops when I find gun writers saying something like, "My 60 lumen light will blind him instantly."

I'd really like to see some comments on this subject. I got a "tactical" flashlight for $25 that was 150 lumens. True, it was brighter than an LED light from your nearest grocery store, but not by that much. Shining them on a wall, it put out about half what my 2 D cell incandescent Maglite put out.

More recently I turned down the opportunity to buy a 200 lumen light but bought a tactical flashlight that was not only _MUCH_ simpler to use than my first one, but at its highest setting put out 700 lumens (I never admit how much I paid for it). When I made the mistake of looking into it I really saw a blind spot for hours afterward. It is far brighter than my 3 D cell incandescent Maglite. At night I can see it hitting treetops a quarter mile away and it's not much longer than the 150 light and smaller in the middle (CR123 batteries).

Anybody out there have any blindingly brilliant 60 or 100 lumen lights?
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