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Scope mount conceals serial number

I'm preparing to mount a leupold 1-piece (std) base on a 1903 A3 action. When I place the base on the action to check the fit, the serial number is almost totally concealed. I have considered the following:

Alter the mount by beveling the right side, thus exposing the serial number. This would result in the loss of approximately 1/3 of the mounting surface. Since the serial number is long (326XXXX) and the characters are about 3/16" in height (typical military fashion) any "window" would have to be quite large.

Go ahead and mount the base and then just engrave a second set of numbers below the original in order to have a visible number.

Mount the base and just cover the number, realizing that anytime someone wanted to see the serial number I would have to remover the base.

Any comments or suggestions (short of suggesting a different base)?
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