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Another day passes and I have received no response to any of my GPal tickets, the phones are still broken and I've no real indication that I'll get my money back anytime soon. It seems that a few people on CalGuns and Auction Arms have got their checks and that they're good. That's nice to hear. Now if I could only get GPal to communicate with me. I'll be attempting a new post on CalGuns tomorrow. Hopefully that post with my name, ticket number and a request that they call or PM me won't be deemed too offensive and deleted like the last one.

Auction Arms' response to all this has been interesting. They were GPal's first big "grab." They recommended GPal heavily to all their members and made GPal their preferred payment method. Now that GPal is in the toilet, Auction Arms is being very cautious in separating itself from GPal. Many of Auction Arms long time sellers have a ton of money tied up in GPal. These sellers blame Auction Arms for this debacle as they never would have switched to GPal if not for the AA endorsement. Auction Arms won't come out and condemn GPal. All they'll say is that they're working closely with Ben Cannon and they'll get their member's money back.

Auction Arms' strange response to this drama has driven a lot of it's long time sellers to Gun Broker. GPal isn't the preferred anything over there and as a result auction prices seem to be ending a little higher then at AA where people are stuck with the nightmare of GPal.

Auction Arms forum members have also noticed a new phenomenon: People are using the money in their GPal account to buy things as a way of "passing the buck" on to someone else. If I was feeling dickish I could take the $1,100 in my GPal account, purchase something from one of the few dealers left that will take GPal, and essentially pass the disbursement problem on to someone else. I get my stuff and the kindly dealer that sold me my items has to hire bounty hunters to find Ben Cannon. I can keep my purchase or turn around and sell it somewhere and get the bulk of my money back using a functioning on-line payment system like PayPal.

This technique may have worked a while ago but I think I'll have a hard time finding a dealer selling anything I want that will accept GPal.

Finally, the GPal website still implies that all is "business as usual." They've still got over 20,000 users, tickets are still answered in 24 hours or less and PayPal is still shaking in its boots. What a load. Break with character and tell your current and potential customers the truth Ben, your company is totally broken right now and no one should be using GPal until these issues are corrected. Your compuslive lying has gotten you to this point, only the truth can have any hope of fixing things.

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