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Belgium "Rabbit Ear" .410 Double Barrel

Wonder if some of you guys could help me out. A friend showed me a .410 double barreled shotgun that his father had when he was born (1941). His dad told him he got the gun used when he was a boy(around 1935) and I wondered if someone might shed some light on what it is. The Proof marks show the E L G with the crown and the star below, the "Tower" proof mark, plus the preliminary Black Powder marks designating "Since 1893". Both of the side receiver plates have "Quail Gun" inscribed in english and the top markings show "Belgian Laminated Steel". Under the barrel on the receiver is printed "non raye". and the number on the frame is 3469. Otherwise it is a typical looking double barrel. Maybe someone has seen or knows about another with these details and if it's worth more than just an old shotgun. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
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