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How will they enforce this treaty on the United States? Will the federal government take on the citizens of the US? What about the 2nd A.? Will the USSC have any say in enforcing a law which could run afoul of our own Constitution? This will be a very interesting situation to keep an eye on. The UN has not been very good at ensuring their policies are followed up by any nation because they typically don't have the "power" in men and guns to do so. Look how inept they've been in places where genocide was being conducted right under their noses. Look at how Saddam's regime basically told them to pound sand and did what ever they wanted. The UN complained, but that's about all they could do. I'm not saying this isn't a scary precedent if this treaty is passed and ratified by our own Senate. I'm just saying that the enforcement of such a treaty would seem to be an issue for the UN if the US govt. doesn't enforce it for them. Would the US govt. enforce such a treaty? Would the Supreme Court step in? We can't predict the future. We must be vigilant to protect our own futures, however.
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