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Alright, well I did just under 40k in sales ALL through GPal about 2 months ago. It took them nearly 6 weeks to get me 32k of that. In the mean time, I have a month in a half of customers complaining and doing chargebacks.

How Am I expected to ship customers there items if I don't get even some of the money?

Its now going into the 3rd month and I am still waiting on 8k from them. I have been individually promised wire transfers, ACH deposits, and paper checks over the last 4 weeks.

However as of today, they told me that they do not feel "comfortable" giving me my money and that they will be holding all of it until they feel reassured that there will be no chargebacks coming through.

Well no crap there will be. I have orders that are now going into the 3rd month of waiting for there items and I can't ship them without my money.

I am filing Charges with the FBI, FTC, COC, and every state department possible.

Also, for 4 weeks now I have not been able to issue refunds through the GPal system to my customers due to "server errors" Chad even tried to manually process some with no luck and told me I would have to wait for the DEV team to fix the issue.

This is fraud. I don't care what issues you have, not informing your customers whats going on, and not providing a way to refund the transactions is against all FTC and FBI procedures and constitutes fraud.

Good luck everyone you will need it.
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