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Still no response to my ticket with GPal (the phones are as useless as ever) however some people are saying they got checks in the mail on CalGuns. That's a good sign. Once people start posting that the checks have cleared it will be a better one.

On the Action Arms forums someone posted an interesting statistic.

The lowest unresolved Gpal support ticket number on the forums is 127793 and the highest number is 904874, that is a total of 777081 unresolved Gpal support tickets that fall in between the highest and lowest numbers posted.
That's A LOT of tickets. About four of those are probably mine.

Nobody's getting a refund for GPal service fees. That would be too complicated. I've only got about $1,100 tied up in this but a few dealers (Elite Ammunition for example) had over $20k owed to them. 3% of $20K is $600 plus interest and any penalties he racked up for not meeting minimum balances, bouncing checks, etc. I'll bet the owner of that company is just happy to be able to make his payroll and buy new supplies, $600 be damned.

I have no idea what GPal's overhead is like or how long they can maintain this hemorrhaging. They probably have close to zero new revenue coming in right now. They most likely rent a tiny office somewhere and they only had one support guy working there for a while. Phones are a new thing for them. They've supposedly hired some new support people but who knows if that's true or not. Ben has lied consistently about GPal (and every other business he owns) so I really don't put much stock into any of that. With their reputation destroyed, I don't see business picking up again in the near term. I wonder how much they can pay out before they go belly up?

Hopefully I (and you) get paid before that happens.

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