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In the eyes of the law....

but what happens if one of us who are nicely stocked with several of our favorite pistols are forced to move there due to work or whatever?
No one in this country is forced to move anywhere due to "work or whatever."

It is a voluntary choice. Always. You may intensely dislike the alternative choices, but you can legally make the decision on your own. You are never forced, in the eyes of the law.

No one is forced to live in Chicago, DC, LA, or any other town, city, or state. No one forces you to live in the USA. We do it from choice.

It may be a tremendous personal hardship to leave where you are, or to go somewhere else, it may be economic suicide not to, but you (and I) are never "forced" to do it. The law doesn't care about our comfort levels, or even the basic ability to make ends meet. As long as no one physically relocates you at gunpoint, you are not "forced" to go anywhere.

Going to California, or Chicago, NY, NJ, or any other place with restrictive gun laws? Your choice, leave your guns, don't go, or put up with their rules as best you can. No other options. But you get to pick which one you will do. No physical force making that decision for you.
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