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Hey, you want some really CRAZY ADVICE . If you have not done too much shooting you need to get lots of practice. For that a 22 rimfire is hard to beat. If you keep your eye peeled for bargains you might be able to get a Marlin semi-auto for about $100. You can put a cheap Tasco $8 scope on it and be shooting squirrels in the head at squirrel ranges (25 yards or so.) Now, you ought to still have some money left over. I would then get a MUZZLE LOADER. In this case a CVA Buck Horn 209 magnum in line for about 100-139 dollars and put a 4X fixed power scope on it. That in line is trouble to clean but the accuracy is very good- say 3" groups at 100 yards. NOW for the same amount of money you have a 22 for target practice, squirrels, rabbits, plus a heavy rifle for deer, etc that can be used in the Muzzle loading season (In most places) as well as regular gun season. Just a thought.
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