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Originally Posted by John K Sa
There may be some muffs like this but I've never encountered them. The ones I've tested stop passing all noise anytime there's a loud enough noise to cause the amplifier to cut off and they will keep "blocking" the sound until the noise level falls to an acceptable level.

So you hear normal speech until a shot occurs. The shot and the speech (all the sound going through the amplifier at the time) will be cut off and prevented from reaching the ear. Then when the circuitry decides that the sound level is acceptable it will begin passing sound again.

All of the better versions that I am aware of limit volume to 85 Db but continuously feed sound. Most of them advertise it as a safety feature so you can hear range commands through the gunfire.

The type that you describe are referred to as "cut-off" or "clipping" or something like that, while the others are "compression".
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