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Good Stuff. I'm adding to my notes of course.

Overpowder wads sounds good. I have plenty of tooth picks and Q Tips in my cleaning box for cartridge weapons, plus plenty of picks, brushes and ectera.

I have a tube of Thompson Super Lube, anti-seize lube, I did a load of reading about jammed nipples. The cylinder kind.

UPS delivered the Uberti Colt Navy Replica about an hour ago. So when I get back from the Gun Store she's getting all that factory grease cleaned out of her. An order from Dixie Gun Works and Midway USA also showed up. Should make for a fun evening.

I took this week off from work and have been getting a lot of things done around the house. First vacation I've taken since 2001.

Thanks to all for their suggestions. If we've done nothing else, we have livened up this forum.
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