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Inexpensive electronics are not worth the bother. Just get good muffs & yell at her to get her attention.

The more expensive ones actually do work very well as long as they actually fit.
Things like glasses (even safety glasses) break the seal & allow a lot of noise into the ear. You might want to check a behind the head type band if a glasses wearer as they don't run foul of the arms of glasses. Hats also raise the rims & allow more noise in.

The electronics in the better ones do contain high volumes BTW they don't shut off as the cheaper ones do.
I have a set of the Peltor tacticals & they work very well allowing normal sound through without excessive clipping of other sounds.
They could be backed up with a set of soft foam plugs if you wanted to that would drop the noise to darn near nothing, but the plugs will tend to block speech as well as other noise.
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