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Getting Started

I've fired Black Powder weapons before but never owned one. So a few months back, after buying the Uberti Replica of a 1871 RM Colt Conversion of a 1851 Colt Navy, in .38, I decided to get into some Black Powder shooting.

So I started doing a lot of reading and research. To me, of course, it's more than just buying one with a kit from Cabela’s. So I bought a few books, and did some reading on the Internet in forums and looked around. I started with a list of things that would be needed if I were going to do it the right way.

I went shopping at Sportsman Ware House and picked up a few things. A Colt Black Powder Flask (Replica of course), a bottle of Pyrodex, some Thompson’s Bore Butter, 100 Hormandy Round ,36 Cal. Lead Balls, Thompson’s Super Lube, Anti-seize lubricant, Hoppes #9 Black Powder Solvent and Patch Lubricant, A breech Plug, Remington #11 Percussion Caps, and A Muzzle Loader Storage Box.

In the mail today arrived an order from Amazon Com for a hammer with three changeable heads, Brass, Nylon, Plastic and Rubber. Also a SE set of 8 Brass & Chrome Punches. I bought this for some work on a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 44 Mag, I have been working on. It ought to come in hand in dealing with an Uberti Colt Navy I just bought.

In addition from Cabelas I have ordered: A cleaning solvent basket, a brush set, cleaning brushes, Bore Butter, Cleaning patches, another wooden ball starter.

From Midway USA. A Thompson in Line Nipple Pick, A pocket Cleaning Kit, An Adjustable Powder Measure.

From Dixie Gun Works. A In Line Capper, a Universal Revolver Stand, an Arkansas Pocket Stone, and 2 Cleaning swabs.

Finally from Taylor’s, I bought a hardened Nipple Wrench, with an Uberti 1851 Navy Steel Revolver, 36 Cal.,I also bought. It should be here by Wednesday via UPS.

So as you can see I'm serious about getting into Black powder shooting. So ever now and then I do indulge myself in my hobbies. This is one of those times.
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