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I too was puzzled by that. A lot of the (now deleted) posts I've seen have indicated that people who were complaining about GPal early on were getting PM's from CalGuns members telling them to shut-up and that they're hurting "the movement" by complaining. Maybe that guy got banned for getting in a heated PM fight with a mod there? Who knows. Ben still claims to "own" CalGuns and his dumpy hosting company hosts it so I'd imagine he can ban whomever he wants.

There are also a few Ben Cannon fan-boys on CalGuns calling everyone names for wanting their money back. I have to wonder how they'd behave if Ben had their money as well. For some reason they don't seem to get banned for their quasi-threatening comments.

I noticed that Auction Arms pulled the GPal logo off their site today. They put it back up a little later but with a note on it that says they're working with GPal to get their members their money back. If you spend any time on the Auction Arms forums you'll see a lot of the dealers there are very upset. Like elsewhere on the net Auction Arms has been deleting the majority of the negative GPal posts. I don't understand why these sites allow endless bashing of PayPal but warning people about GPal somehow crosses the line. I'm guessing Ben's threatening a lot of these sites with litigation if negative comments aren't removed.

My ticket was not responded to again today. GPal's phones remain broken or disabled. I broke down and created a user account at CalGuns and asked that GPalVP guy to call me as he seems eager to help. The thread was deleted five minutes after I posted it. I remain pessimistic that I'll be reunited with my money.

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