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Originally Posted by gyvel
If I'm not mistaken, once you intall your pistol lower on a MechTech upper, you have, in fact, created a rifle/carbine out of your pistol and removing said lower to make it a pistol again constitutes illegal construction of an SBR. (At least that's the way it was explained to me.)
In all honesty, I had completely forgotten about this. Even more reason that these won't be joining my collection any time soon. Not unless I can happen across a random 1911 lower at a steal of a price, in which case I would consider this adding a rifle to my collection, rather than giving up a functioning pistol.

The ammo commonality and weapon grip/trigger are nice advantages for these carbines, but the $350-600 for the conversion, on top of the price of the gun you are going to take the lower from, makes this just out of the question for most users.
If I could leave the upper/conversion in my vehicle or pack, giving me the opertunity to turn my carry gun into a long-gun, without needing extra ammo for it and such... that is the appeal of these units to me. But with the SBR condition of it, you just can't opt to do it on a whim. Too bad, as I like the flexibility of such a unit (even if unnecissary for the most part).

Nope, I'll just stick with conventional rifles and pistols staying seperate.
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