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Current 2A Cases

A brief note of explanation on the format I am now using.

All cases being tracked are of national importance, as they define the parameters (scope) of the Second Amendment after Heller and McDonald. These cases ultimately become citable precedent to the various courts and persuasive precedent in the event they are decided in the Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Links to the individual Internet Archive Dockets are provided by action of a FireFox plugin called, RECAP. RECAP allows individuals with PACER accounts (PACER = Public Access to Court Electronic Records) to retrieve the Dockets of the case and download the various pleadings. These are all transferred to a publicly accessible archive (the Internet Archive) that anyone may access for free (PACER costs money to use). The obvious benefit is that only the person using the PACER system pays, all others can access the same documents at the Internet Archive, for free.

Cases that have moved from District Court to Circuit court will not have Internet Archive documents. This is a limitation of the RECAP capability within PACER. PDF’s for Circuit Court Cases will be available within the appropriate thread here at TFL, if the thread exists, within this thread if a specific thread does not exist, or at another website external to TFL.

The Justia Summary links give an overview of the case and are excellent portals into the PACER system itself. Justia provides the links to the Circuit Courts as well, if the case has moved there.

Many thanks to numerous individuals who have helped this list by reporting cases I was either not aware of or couldn't immediately find. Special thanks go to Mark (krucam), over at MDShooters for the basic idea in this reformat.
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