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Thanks Mahoo...

I have known about the MechTech, Hi Point and Beretta for a long time. The Beretta is the only thing out there in a pistol carbine that even comes close in quality, price and style that I would trust my life to. But the 9mm and .40 S&W are not that strong of a caliber. I am thinking more along the lines of a Glock 10mm carbine. If I had the money, the H&K MP10 would be my dream pistol caliber carbine, but the price is way out of my budget.

I already have carbines in the .223 caliber, I am just trying to get what I really want, even if I have to have one made to add to the collection. And being a big 10mm fan, it would be a hoot to shoot and I could go head up against most carbines up to 150 yards with the 10mm caliber, not to mention the knock down power at even closer ranges with the larger bullet.
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