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Glock Pistol Into A Carbine?

I for one would like to see Glock build a carbine platform being a Glock owner from the early 90's. Knowing there are other options out there, still for me, a Glock carbine would be a nice piece for the ol' gun safe.

Consider a custom made 16 inch barrel in the slide and a shoulder stock attached to have a very simple and reliable carbine...Pick your caliber and sighting options...What more could a Glock owner want!

I understand that you would have to keep it as a carbine, because if not, you would be breaking the law if the carbine was changed back to a pistol configuration, and then you would have a SBR without the BATF Tax Stamp. That is why your shoulder stock would have to fit your carbine Glock only just to be safe. Someone please correct me if this is wrong.

So would someone please with the gunsmithing knowledge be willing to share their opinion as to if a Glock pistol can withstand the pressures of a carbine length barrel, and if there is a barrel maker out there who can build a barrel to the specs that can do the job? Any and all info would be appreciated!
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